Fade in a React.js component

While making sharingbuttons.io, I was searching for a way to fade in a component once it has finished loading. Thankfully, React calls the componentDidMount function after the initial render, so this is what I ended up hooking into.

componentDidMount: function() {
	// Get the components DOM node
	var elem = this.getDOMNode();
	// Set the opacity of the element to 0
	elem.style.opacity = 0;
	window.requestAnimationFrame(function() {
		// Now set a transition on the opacity
		elem.style.transition = "opacity 250ms";
		// and set the opacity to 1
		elem.style.opacity = 1;

NOTE: I omitted vendor prefixes in favour of code clarity, do add them in production use.

Notice the requestAnimationFrame on line 6 — without it, JavaScript would set the transition to opacity 250ms at the same time as the opacity to 0, so the component would fade out first and fade back in afterwards, which is not intended.

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