Securing Your GraphQL API from Malicious Queries

Working with GraphQL is amazing, but also has complex security implications. Let’s dig into some essential protections for your API, from simple size limiting through depth limiting to query analysis.

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Streaming Server-Side Rendering and Caching at Spectrum

We recently implemented streaming server-side rendering and caching for Spectrum, here is how.

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Starting something new: Introducing Spectrum

Seven months ago I quietly started working on a new project: not an open source or side project, but a product and a company. Say hello to Spectrum!

Integrations as first class citizens

Why I use Atom as my editor of choice, even though other editors may be faster, simpler or better.

How to create open source projects

Have you been wondering how to create or contribute to your first open source project? This post is for you.

A deep dive into children in React

We can manipulate children in React using the power of JavaScript. Let's explore children in-depth and see how they can make our lives easier!

The future of react-boilerplate

For the past year react-boilerplate has evolved beyond my ideas and code to being a true community effort, so I'm moving it to its own organisation on GitHub.

DangerJS: The open source maintainers best friend

Danger checks that incoming PRs have the right style. She helps avoid cultural mishaps and common issues, and is an indispensable tool for any open source maintainer.

Enforcing best practices in component-based systems

There are some best practices when working with component-based systems. Let's illuminate what they are and how 💅 styled-components can help enforce them.

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Build your first Node.js microservice

A microservice is a single, self-contained unit which, together with many others, makes up a large application. Let's write our first microservice in JavaScript!

2016 in review: A dream come true

What happened in 2016? This is my story, full of open source, travel and tweets. How did react-boilerplate, styled-components and Carte Blanche come to be?

Linting styles in JavaScript with stylelint

The defacto standard for linting CSS code is stylelint. How can we leverage the large amount of existing rules and the vibrant ecosystem to lint CSS strings inside JavaScript files?

My one weird trick to be more productive

Sometimes, I have unproductive days, doing nothing except watching videos all day long. During a particularly bad week, I noticed a tiny thing that helps me stay on track.

The magic behind 💅 styled-components

Never seen that magic backtick styled.div`` notation? It's actually just JavaScript, no fancy transpiler needed! What that is, how it works and what it does? Let's find out!

Writing your styles in JS ≠ writing inline styles

Many people don't realise is that there's a difference between what's called "inline styles" and what's called "CSS-in-JS". Do you know?

How to scale react applications

For the third version of react-boilerplate the team spoke with hundreds of developers about how they build and scale their web apps, and I want to share some things we learned!

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PostCSS: Die bessere Alternative zu Sass und Less?

PostCSS wird als Alternative zu Präprozessoren wie Sass oder Less immer beliebter. Anselm Hannemann und ich zeigen Ihnen, was PostCSS zu bieten hat.

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React.js Apps with Pages

If you’ve ever made a Single Page Application with a JavaScript framework, chances are you used routing. Routing lets you pretend that your application has...

npm scripts

npm has support for the scripts property in package.json — one of the most used, but also one of the most overlooked features of npm! Let's explore the power of npm scripts.

My Top 5 PostCSS Plugins

There has been a lot of talk recently about a new CSS preprocessor called PostCSS.1 PostCSS is a wrapper for plugins which exposes an easy to...

Bye Bye Google Analytics

A few days ago, I got rid of Google Analytics on all of my websites, and moved all my analytics needs to a self–hosted instance...

Sending encrypted emails with Ruby on Rails

For the new pgp.asc website, I wanted users to add themselves to the Hall of Fame without any intervention by me. Previously, they would send...

Fade in a React.js component

While making, I was searching for a way to fade in a component once it has finished loading. Thankfully, React calls the componentDidMount function...

A little known way to escape CSS ID selector hell

Specificity in CSS is a b*tch. If you have ever had to fix a nasty styling bug caused by an ID selector or unhealthy amounts...

Rem Font Sizing

I love using rem units for font-sizing on my web pages. It makes responsiveness much easier to implement, and you cannot get tangled up in...

My Top 3 Lifelogging Apps

I am a big fan of the Quantified Self movement. As a lover of statistics, being able to analyse my life is the best thing...


Toggling the visibility of content used to be quite tricky to do. Either you used some wonky CSS hacks with hidden checkboxes and labels, or...

CSS3 Animation Events in JavaScript

I first came in contact with these events while revamping my personal website, The loading animation is an infinite animation that gets stopped as...

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog! This is its fourth or fifth redesign. Know how many blog posts I have released up until now? One.

My Front-End Development Workflow

It all started when I tried out Sublime Text - and loved it. It’s brilliant features along with it’s great plugin ecosystem make this code...