My one weird trick to be more productive

Sometimes, I have unproductive days, doing nothing except watching videos all day long. (My girlfriend can attest to that…) After one of those I always feel horrible for procrastinating and not getting anything done.

During a particularly bad week, I noticed a tiny thing:

Not looking at my phone first thing in the morning gives me the ultimate headstart for a productive day.

It may sound ridiculously simple, and rightly so because it is. When I start off my day by checking Twitter my brain is all over the place and I’m not able to focus well.

My girlfriend actually gifted me an ordinary alarm clock so that I wouldn’t use my phone to wake me up. The only things this clock can do is show the time and ring a bell at a certain time; that’s it! That way I don’t even accidentally check my phone.

As of now, I still have to force myself to start the day by reading a few pages of a book. (goodreads) It’s still a struggle every morning, but I’m getting better at it.

What’s a tiny lifehack that makes your day better? Let me know on Twitter!

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